Sunday, December 11, 2011

7 MONTHS?!?!

wow time really does fly by. i can't really believe that it's already been 7 months. so so ridic. 7 months of laughter...lots of it. 7 months of joy. 7 months of some tears. 7 months of yummy food. 7 months of back rubs. 7 months of frozen yogurt. 7 months of friends(the tv show). 7 months of never seeing real friends(oops!). 7 months of talking. 7 months of smiling. i could not be any happier about how these last 7 months have gone. i'm pretty sure i have now overused the phrase "7 months." but these 7 months really have been a little preview of forevaaaa.



  1. stop. this is adorable. I love you. You two make me want to cry. you're so happy